medication and related medical visits. Back in 2005, one study determined the average woman spends $2000 annually in these costs associated with urinary stress incontinence. No price can be assessed for the psychological costs, of course. As of the writing of this article, The cost of the WOW-Shot is $1895. There have been no adverse reactions to injecting a woman’s own plasma inside her tissue. Approximately 90% see complete results from the stress incontinence. In women with BMIs at or below 25, the percentage is above 95%. So without taking any memory-altering anti-cholinergics, or wearing any incontinence pads, one WOW-Shot has been shown to resolve bladder leaking for one to two years!

Clearly, a price cannot be placed on the time freedom away from these related tasks. It is completely safe, it’s easy and convenient, it’s without pain or the surgical/medication risks and side-effects.

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