Chemical Peels in Brentwood, TN

Do you want to brighten your skin tone and reduce the appearance of fine lines? Dr. Lodge and the staff at Cool Springs MD offer chemical peel treatments for patients living in Brentwood, Nashville, Franklin and the surrounding towns in Tennessee.

What Are Chemical Peels?

Chemical peels are a procedure that can be used on various regions of the body, including the face, neck, chest, shoulders, hands, and other areas. They are designed to brighten your skin and improve tone while simultaneously improving the appearance of fine lines and scars. Chemical peels can also be used to help treat sun-damaged skin. After treatment, your skin will feel softer and appear brighter in appearance.

How Much Does Chemical Peels Cost?

A chemical peel treatment regimen can vary in cost based on your individual goals. You may require multiple treatment sessions annually to ensure that you achieve your goals and can maintain them long-term. This will depend on the severity of your skin and other factors. You can discuss pricing and recommended treatment with us here at Cool Springs MD.

Am I a Candidate for Chemical Peels?

Chemical peel treatment is appropriate for adult men and women who have damaged skin, including acne scars, crow’s feet, sun-related damage, wrinkles, loss of skin elasticity, or worsening skin due to the natural aging process.

How Are Chemical Peels Applied?

Chemical peel treatments typically take around an hour. They first start with the thorough cleansing of the targeted areas of your skin. A chemical solution is then applied onto the desired areas in multiple layers. This solution is allowed to sit on your skin for a predetermined amount of time to help remove the outer, damaged layers of your skin. You might notice your skin having a white appearance at this point in time. In more aggressive treatment regimens, this process might occur over the next eight to 24 hours. After this is completed, the skin is cleansed one final time and further hydrated to protect from future damage and speed up the recovery process.

What is Recovery Like After Chemical Peels?

After a treatment, you can go home and resume your normal daily activities. It is recommended that you avoid direct sunlight and rigorous exercise for 24 hours after a session. Additionally, you should get enough rest to help with recovery and healing. Around three days after the session, you may begin to experience peeling of the skin. Let the skin naturally peel, and do not pick or peel the skin during this process.

How Long Will My Chemical Peel Results Last?

Chemical peel results will last for a few months, and you will notice results of the procedure once the treated skin has naturally finished healing. Multiple treatment sessions may be recommended annually to ensure you reach your aesthetic goals and maintain these results.

Are you interested in receiving chemical peel treatments? Contact Cool Springs MD to discuss your symptoms with Dr. Lodge and the friendly, caring staff. We serve patients in Brentwood, Franklin, Nashville and the surrounding cities of Tennessee.