Wow Shot™ in Brentwood, TN

Are you a female experiencing low libido and urinary incontinence? At Cool Springs MD, Dr. Lodge and the staff can provide you with information about the revolutionary WOW Shot™. We offer treatment services to individuals in Brentwood, Nashville, Franklin and the surrounding regions in Tennessee.

What is WOW Shot™?

WOW Shot™ is a new procedure that utilizes platelet-rich plasma (PRP). Like the other PRP treatment options offered at Cool Springs MD, the injection of one’s own plasma provides numerous health benefits.  PRP contains growth factors that instruct the stem cells to reproduce.  The stem cells are directed to the treatment area to generate healthier and more functional vaginal tissue.  For women, the WOW Shot™ can help relieve various symptoms, including low libido, urinary incontinence, and improve sexual dysfunction.

How Much Does WOW Shot™ Cost?

WOW Shot™ costs vary based on your individual needs. It is much more affordable than other treatment methods or procedures that are typically used to treat incontinence. To obtain a more accurate estimate of the potential costs, reach out to Dr. Lodge or one of the staff at Cool Springs MD. We will provide you with all the information you need and answer any questions you may have about the procedure.

Am I a Candidate for WOW Shot™?

WOW Shot™ can be safely utilized in all women who are experiencing symptoms related to low libido or urinary incontinence. If you have previous medical history that you feel may affect your candidacy for this treatment, you can discuss this during your one-on-one consultation.  There are some conditions that are contraindicated for the procedure such as pregnancy, breast-feeding, autoimmune conditions among others.

How is WOW Shot™ Performed?

The WOW Shot™ utilizes PRP, similar to the other PRP rejuvenation procedures offered, mixed with a little bit of calcium. Calcium is used with the plasma serum, and this unique mixture helps promote healing in a woman’s clitoris, urethra, and other portions of the urinary tract.  The patient is given a topical anesthetic and  the PRP is injected into the numbed tissues.  This healing process provides relief of symptoms and can improve low sex drive.

What is Recovery Like After WOW Shot™?

WOW Shot™ involves the use of PRP mixed with calcium, which is then injected into the treatment area near the pelvis. This serum promotes your body’s healing process with blood, oxygen, and other nutrients being drawn into the area. Because it is your own blood, there are absolutely no side effects to the treatment, and you will notice results after one treatment.  You may have some minimal spotting for up to 12 hours following the procedure. The treatment sites will remain numb for a few hours due to the anesthetic.  There may be a small amount of soreness for a day or two.  Rest the evening of the injections. You are free to resume normal activities  following  the day of the procedure.

How Long Will My WOW Shot™ Results Last?

Results with the WOW Shot™ treatment last for around one to two years, and are typically seen within a few months after receiving the injection. Routine evaluation is recommended to ensure that your symptoms are relieved and to determine if you require additional treatments. We recommend that you only receive the WOW Shot™ administered by doctors certified in the treatment of gynecological problems, like Dr. Lodge at Cool Springs MD.

Think WOW Shot™ is the right procedure for you? If you live in Brentwood, Nashville, Franklin and surrounding towns in Tennessee, we welcome you to contact us at Cool Springs MD to schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Lodge and the staff.