PRP: What is Protein-Rich Plasma

For centuries, like PRP, medicine came from nature. When you look at one the most beautiful flowers called foxglove, it’s known by another named called digitalis. In looking at this incredible plant, you wouldn’t think that it’s saved millions of lives and done so much good.

PRP or Protein-Rich Plasma is something that is a natural product that is created inside humans. For over 2 decades, man has used it in a variety of ways to help save lives and improve lives. Using this completely natural, non-drug, man has been able to fight off dangerous infections, help decrease pain, restore function of damaged body parts, and regrow hair.

Many research studies have been done on the actual benefits that PRP has on damaged body parts. Here’s one that is down-right facinating: All Natural PRP and It’s Benefit. We’re using PRP in multiple applications to increase the blood supply to target areas. Doing so increases the oxygen and nutrients to these areas. The growth factors in the PRP calls the body’s own stem cells found in places like our skin and bone to the target area as well. Overall, rejuvenation of the body begins happening in as little as 5 days and continues for a year.

PRP Hair Restoration

Let’s look at men and women who are thinning or losing hair on top. There are many theories as to why this happens. Some doctors simply want to blame their genetics because they see bald men and women in their family tree. Is it genetics that their hair begins falling our or is it genetics that the blood supply begins shriveling up and disappearing? No blood supply equals no nutrients or oxygen to the bulb of follicles.

Regardless of the true cause, PRP takes the least invasive and most natural approach to remedying the problem. With PRP Hair Restoration, we simply process your own blood in our in-house lab. We separate the red blood cells and white blood cells and utilize the plasma to do incredible things over time.

With PRP Hair Restoration, the plasma is loaded with many different growth factors. When gently placed back into the scalp with the tiniest needle, those growth factors are activated. When we look 2 or 3 months down the road, it’s triggered a cascade effect. The blood highway has been reestablished. Fresh oxygen and nutrients awaken the dormant and starving follicles to come alive with thickened, growing hair. There’s no moving hair from one place to another surgically!

Will PRP Hair Restoration Work for YOU?

There is only one way to know if PRP hair restoration will work for you. Give it a try! We offer an extremely affordable mini trial. We select an area on the scalp where at least some follicles are still present and growing. We take pictures of the numbers of hair there. Then we numb the scalp for your comfort. If you are pleased with your new hair growth, make an appointment and we can analyze the pictures to see what kind of difference the PRP has made. The cost of the mini trial does not cover the expense of this procedure. We offer it to you only to give you peace of mind before diving into yet another painful and expensive treatment that fails to meet your expectations.

PRP Research Studies

Qualifying candidates may be interested in participating in our research studies involving PRP hair restoration. Those who do qualify will receive PRP treatments at a significant discount while helping to refine this science to become the most effective and inexpensive way to regrow thinning hair!

Contact us to schedule an appointment today. Research space is extremely limited.