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Weight Management in Brentwood, TN

Statistics show that obesity is a growing health concern in the United States. Weight management is an ever-increasing field that is full of empty promises, yo-yo dieting, and dangerous diet supplements. Safe and effective weight management should be undertaken with the support of a physician. Dr. Jeffrey Lodge, a board-certified physician in obstetrics and gynecology, specializes in weight management for the residents of Brentwood, Nashville and surrounding communities in Tennessee.

We all know that healthy weight management is essential to our well-being and longevity… but did you know that sometimes other hidden root causes can prevent exercise and diet programs from being effective? Our bodies are very complex, beautiful machines that constantly need fine tuning in order to reach peak performance and appearance. At Cool Springs MD, we take a comprehensive approach to understanding and addressing each patient’s specific needs in order to create a customized program designed to help you become the most beautiful and healthy version of yourself. Our weight management program evaluates the complete person including total body composition analysis, resting and basal body metabolism, EKG, comprehensive blood panels, and a detailed and realistic Life Management plan covering nutrition, exercise, injections, supplements, and counseling all designed to help you achieve your desired goals. We understand what’s it’s like to be alone, lost in the battle, and sometimes hopeless. Let us serve as your weight management coach and cheer you on from the sidelines. You deserve to live a happy, fulfilled life, and it starts with owning your health.

Our core focus at Cool Springs MD is supporting our patients’ emotional and physical well-being during their journey to wellness. We exist because of you and this line of thinking frames every interaction with a Cool Springs MD team member.

What to Expect From Your Medical Weight Loss Program

Our weight management program is packaged as a 13-week process as we’ve found much success in breaking things down into small, manageable and attainable steps. Many of our patients renew for additional terms until they’ve either reached their overall goals or also in an ongoing manner for accountability in staying on track with their new lifestyle.

The Beginning

Your initial visit is designed to collaboratively outline your needs and goals and begin developing the foundation of your custom weight management plan. At your initial visit, we will review your complete medical history, current medications, perform an EKG, a physical exam, measure your resting metabolic rate, and obtain lab work if not already done. All of this is aimed at helping the Cool Springs MD consultants match you with the best program for success in meeting your goals.

Customizing To Your Life

During your second visit, you will spend about 45 minutes with one of our Cool Springs MD team members discussing lifestyle and preferred pace and intensity of the weight management plan. This visit will help our professionals align your goals with a plan that is realistically suited to your lifestyle.

Weekly Management and Adjustment

For a period of 13 weeks, one of our Cool Springs MD wellness coaches will work with you to achieve he lifestyle that is best suited for your health moving forward. Cool Springs MD will provide weekly literature & educational components to help better build an understanding of general health related topics and build your knowledge to ensure you achieve long-term success. A weekly review of body composition analysis, goals, Lipo B injections and behavior modification consulting are also included in your weekly sessions.

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