InMode Plus Laser in Brentwood, TN

Do you live in Brentwood, Franklin, the greater Nashville area, or surrounding cities in Tennessee? Dr. Lodge and the staff at Cool Springs MD offer laser wrinkle reduction treatments, and will make sure you have the information to determine whether this is the right option for you.

What is InMode Plus Laser Treatment?

InMode Plus laser treatment is a non-invasive, painless method to help reduce wrinkles and lines in the abdomen, arms, and legs. It is a treatment that utilizes the Contoura InMode Platform. Here at Cool Springs MD, we offer other treatments and procedures with the Contoura Platform. InMode Plus laser treatment similarly uses radiofrequency energy to evenly heat the inner layer of your skin. This causes the formation of collagen which improves skin elasticity and simultaneously helps remove wrinkles.

How Much Does InMode Plus Laser Treatment Cost?

InMode Plus laser treatment costs can vary depending on your individual needs. Everyone’s body is different, so it is impossible to say that the same treatment regimen will work for everyone. Dr. Lodge and the staff at Cool Springs MD are happy to schedule a one-on-one consultation with you to discuss the treatment procedure, pricing, and answer any questions you might have.

Am I a Candidate for InMode Plus Laser Treatment?

If you have wrinkles or lines in your abdomen, arms, or legs that you like to reduce the appearance of and remove, you are a candidate for this treatment. This treatment is available for both adult men and women.

How is InMode Plus Laser Treatment Performed?

InMode Plus Laser Treatment uniformly heats a handpiece with radiofrequency energy which is applied to the desired areas. This heat penetrates into the deeper layers of your skin, leading to collagen production. This increased collagen production can help reduce the appearances of lines and wrinkles in targeted areas.

What is Recovery Like After InMode Plus Laser Treatment?

InMode Plus laser treatment is non-invasive and painless, meaning it will not interfere with your quality of life or ability to complete daily activities. You can go home right after receiving treatment. This unique treatment method does not damage the skin and helps improve the appearance of your skin.

How Long Will My InMode Plus Laser Treatment Results Last?

InMode Plus laser treatment results are typically long-lasting. Although you may not notice results immediately after receiving treatment, you will notice the benefits of the treatment over time. Your individual results may vary, and multiple sessions might be necessary to achieve your goals.

Are you interested in InMode Plus Laser Treatment? We welcome you to contact us at Cool Springs MD to discuss your unique situation with Dr. Lodge and the staff to schedule a consultation. We offer treatments for patients in Brentwood, Franklin, the greater Nashville area, and the surrounding cities of Tennessee.