Cool Springs MD

Cool Springs MD

Cool Springs MDI have been a patient for approximately three (3) years. I am extremely satisfied with Cool Springs MD. Their professionalism and personalized service is the best I have ever experienced in a healthcare setting. More importantly I have lost sixty (60) pounds and I am in the best physical condition of my life. I receive quarterly testosterone insertions. They are quick and painless. They have significantly improved my endurance and body composition.  – WG

Cool Springs MDThis is an amazing medical practice! They are involved with cutting edge treatments that you can only find in much larger cities. My husband is a diabetic and has struggled with ED & nerve damage. He also has had hair loss in recent years. After seeing some episodes of The Doctors concerning PRP, I searched the area to find these treatments. Cool Springs MD came up immediately. We were able to come in and speak with the staff, get all our questions answered, and receive a written quote on all costs prior to the treatment. They are even doing their own research studies on PRP & offered great discounts for participation! The thing we love is that PRP is an all-natural approach to healing, involving your own body’s stem cells. The staff explained that the stem cell is the only cell in our bodies that can become another kind of cell. So, my husband’s stem cells replaced what was damaged. He has nerve regeneration AND is regrowing hair, all without surgery. I love Dr. Lodge and his entire team. We will be patients for life!! – SS

Cool Springs MDCoolsprings MD saved my life. Actually they gave my life back to me. After my first insertion of Bioidentical hormones it was 2 weeks after, that all previous symptoms disappeared and I was able to get off all meds used to treat the symptoms I was having. The staff is great is Amanda Garrett is tops in my world. – RC

Cool Springs MDHad my initial appointment today- and was so impressed! Everyone was top notch- from the front desk, administration, lab, and especially Dr Lodge! Office is very organized & efficient, and made you feel like family even on the first visit. – DT

Cool Springs MDThis place is fabulous…cutting edge science and technology with healthcare. Willing to work with your insurance company as much as possible. I have faith in my future health now! – DB

Cool Springs MD

My wife started getting bio-identical hormone replacement from here a few years back. In one month, she had more energy than she needed for a woman of 45 and she liked me MUCH better. She told me I should get my hormone levels checked too because often complained that I was dragging by mid-afternoon. Sure enough, they were out of balance. I was nervous at first but it is so easy. Pellets have seriously changed my life!

First, I can keep up with my wife & our relationship is better than it ever has been. I’ve lost 30 lbs since I started just over a year ago, without “dieting.” I’ve gained muscle mass with my normal workouts. Finally, my productivity at work has skyrocketed. I feel really focused and have the energy to do a better job. I must have been imbalanced for some time and just didn’t know that I could feel better. I’m talking to Dr. Lodge about Hgh therapy and may consider this next. Call and schedule an appointment today…you won’t regret it. – RA