Skin Rejuvenation Products in Brentwood, TN

Do you live in Brentwood, Franklin, Nashville, and the surrounding areas of Tennessee and are interested in different skin care products? Here at Cool Springs MD, Dr. Lodge and our friendly staff will provide you with the information about the various skin care products and treatments we offer to ensure you make the best decision to reach your desired goals.

What Skin Care Products Are Offered?

We offer multiple skin care products: Obagi® products and Glo Skin Beauty products. These products can be utilized to restore your skin’s health and address a variety of skin-related symptoms and concerns. We will individualize treatment to help you achieve the desired results.

How Much Do Skin Care Products Cost?

Skin care product costs vary depending on the skin care regimen that is recommended for you. Dr. Lodge will help determine which products can help you achieve your goals, and if there are better alternative treatments, we will ensure that you have all the necessary information. Our staff can also address any concerns and answer any questions you may have about any of our skin care products, therapies, or treatments.

Am I a Candidate for Skin Care Products?

Skin care products can be utilized in the majority of adult men and women of all skin tones and types. However, each product can address different symptoms and may have different side effects or contraindications, so please discuss this with Dr. Lodge and our staff during your one-on-one consultation.

How Are Skin care Products Applied?

Each of the different skin care products have different administration methods. Most of the products can be applied topically onto the skin, and some are part of larger skin care regimens and routines. These might consist of toners, lotions, and other specialized skin care products.

What is Recovery Like After Using Skin Care Products?

The large majority of the skin care products we offer at Cool Springs MD do not cause any major negative effects. They can all be applied in the comfort of your home without needing extended hospital stays or frequent clinic visits. These products will help restore your skin to maintain a youthful appearance.

How Long Will My Skin Care Products Results Last?

You may notice an immediate improvement in your skin after the first use of different products. Even so, prolonged use of products is recommended to see long-term results and maintain your newly rejuvenated skin. You may need to update your skin care regimen, and we recommend that you do so under the supervision of Dr. Lodge or another physician.

To determine which skin care products are recommended for you, contact Cool Springs MD to schedule a consultation with Dr. Lodge or one of our staff. We welcome patients in Brentwood, Franklin, the greater Nashville area, and the surrounding towns of Tennessee.