April Special

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Erectile Dysfunction Happens to Most Men…Eventually

Erectile dysfunction in men has several causes. Regardless of the cause, the result is generally the same: a life-changing struggle. The psychological impact of allowing erectile dysfunction (ED) to define who you are can be devastating. Often ED occurs unexpectedly…

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PRP: What is Protein-Rich Plasma

For centuries, like PRP, medicine came from nature. When you look at one the most beautiful flowers called foxglove, it’s known by another named called digitalis. In looking at this incredible plant, you wouldn’t think that it’s saved millions of…

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The MiXto CO2 Laser at Cool Springs MD

Cool Springs MD now offers a wide variety of lasers to service Middle Tennessee. At the request of our patients, Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing was added. With so many devices on the market, we studied the options thoroughly before selecting…

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The WOW-Shot is Correcting Bladder Problems in Women!

by Starla Asher, RN, MSN Unless you’ve had problems with your bladder, you probably don’t truly understand the impact on daily life. Correcting bladder problems in women has been a challenge for centuries: Planning ahead each day Being sure not…

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Frequent Urination & Female “Dis-Interest” Issues Fixed with One Injection of the WOW-Shot

Are you are one of the 20 million U.S. women suffering? Looking for the best cure for frequent urination or urinary stress incontinence? Ever heard of the WOW-Shot™? The WOW-Shot can dramatically increase libido, decrease painful intercourse and strengthen marriages. Lacking interest?…

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Ever Wonder About The Best Way to Lose Weight?

by Starla Asher, RN, MSN People are always asking for the best way to lose weight. New research tells us more each day about our ability to lose weight and the best ways to lose weight… Speed of Weight Loss…

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