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Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women in Brentwood, TN

Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women in Brentwood, TNAre suffering from symptoms such as insomnia, hot flashes, and vaginal dryness? If you are, then you may be a candidate for menopausal hormone replacement therapy. At Cool Springs MD, Dr. Jeffrey Lodge and his team offer effective hormone replacement therapy to help women in Brentwood, Nashville and the surrounding area in Tennessee who are suffering from those frustrating signs of menopause. Dr. Lodge’s hormone replacement therapy will alleviate menopausal symptoms by finding the right balance of estrogen, progesterone, and other hormones that a woman needs to maintain her health and vitality for many years to come.

Hormone replacement therapy in women has several added health benefits, including increased energy and endurance, weight loss, improved muscle tone, and even improved sleep conditions. It is also effective in preventing osteoporosis and heart disease. To get the full benefits of menopause hormone therapy, be sure to make regular exercise and a healthy diet a staple in your day-to-day life.

Hormone Imbalance Strikes Even the Healthy

Overall, women tend to be more proactive when it comes to maintaining their health. Men, on the other hand, are sometimes a little bit stubborn when it comes to keeping up with their yearly physicals or admitting that they have discomfort that should be addressed by a doctor. However, when a hormone deficiency occurs, even the healthiest of women feel confused about what is happening physically and emotionally. Many women seek treatment from their primary care physicians and gynecologists, who, unfortunately, may not have the expertise to treat hormone imbalances appropriately. A woman could do everything “right”, such as exercise, eat right and take supplements. With a hormone imbalance, though, many woman still struggle to look and feel healthy.

How Hormones in Women Differ

The hormonal make-up of men and women differs tremendously. When it comes to a hormonal imbalance or shortage, women face a drastically different set of challenges. Thanks to the unique female hormones, an imbalance makes women more susceptible to certain illnesses or conditions (i.e. osteoporosis) than men. Some hormonal changes that women face that men do not are ones resulting from pregnancy and menopause. These shifts in hormones can cause side effects such as thinning hair, weight gain, and vaginal dryness.

Hormonal shifts can be overwhelming, so the first step to fixing their side effects is to educate yourself on what causes them. Dr. Lodge will not only help you understand what causes these natural symptoms of the body maturing, but also help slow down the aging process and allow you to regain your youth and vitality. The hormonal shake-ups brought on by menopause and pregnancy may seem like unavoidable roadblocks in a woman’s life, but it is possible to minimize their effects through carefully crafted hormone therapy.

Pre-Menopause And Menopause Symptoms

The female reproductive system is controlled by hormones. When the hormones in a woman’s body drop to critically low levels, their menstruation process will stop completely. This process is known as menopause. Pre-menopause and tends to begin while women are in their mid-30s and 40s. Menopause most commonly affects women in their 50s, though the age for this major biological change varies from woman to woman.

A woman begins to suffer from pre-menopause and menopause when the levels of hormones such as growth hormone, estrogen, and progesterone begin to decrease in her body. Pre-menopause and menopause occur when the ovaries stop producing estrogen, progesterone, and the small amount of testosterone at the same rate that they once did. This hormonal shift causes a slew of negative symptoms that are outlined below. When the appropriate levels of hormones are introduced back into the body, it can hold off pre-menopause and menopause.

Menopausal symptoms are generally felt as the hormone levels drop. The symptoms experienced before menopause begins define pre-menopause. Both pre-menopausal and menopausal symptoms can be so severe that they profoundly affect a woman’s life. Some of these symptoms include

  • Wrinkled and dry skin
  • Insomnia/trouble sleeping
  • Hot flashes
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Weight gain and loss of muscle mass
  • Increased irritability and extreme mood swings
  • Vagina dryness
  • Tender breasts

A doctor who lacks experience or has not explored the benefits of hormone replacement therapy in women will not be very effective in comprehensively treating the above symptoms. Many doctors simply prescribe medication to treat one or a group of these symptoms. While this method may be great for alleviating one or some of the side effects of aging, it will by no means fix the entire problem. The best way to treat hormonal imbalance from aging is through hormonal replacement therapy, as the therapy aims to address the problem at the source.

Bio-identical vs. Synthetic Hormones

A key element in reducing the adverse effects of aging is naturally replacing hormones in the body. Bio-identical hormones are hormones that mirror the body’s natural hormones. They have been receiving significant attention in both the medical world and mass media. Bio-identical hormones are expected to phase out synthetic hormones, which are not like natural hormones and can result in many health risks and side effects.

Despite being well-versed on the benefits of bio-identical hormones, many medical practices still continue to use synthetic hormones. Synthetic hormones, though, only compound the problems of aging rather than effectively address the issues. In order to ensure that our patients safely receive the hormones they need and are free of any consequential health problems or side effects, Cool Springs MD only uses bio-identical hormones in our hormone replacement regimens. By using bio-identical hormones, we closely mimic the natural process of hormone production in the female body, aiming to conquer the side effects of aging once and for all.

Is Hormone Replacement Therapy in Women Safe?

The debate rages over the safety of hormone replacement therapy. Opponents have even suggested that estrogen and progesterone hormone replacement therapy lead to an increased risk of breast cancer in women. However, many of these arguments were given prior the introduction of bio-identical hormones. Much of the skepticism has been quieted since their introduction. Synthetic hormones did have their fair share of health risks, but bio-identical hormones have eliminated those issues. Regardless, there are still some medical practitioners out there who refute the effectiveness of bio-identical hormones despite the testimony of hundreds of thousands of successfully treat women.

Through a comprehensive screening process, our team at Cool Springs MD will be able to tell whether or not hormone replacement therapy is the appropriate course of treatment. Thanks to our superior understanding of the hormone replacement therapy process, we offer our patients a definitive diagnosis and develop the best treatment plan possible to effectively treat symptoms associated with pre-menopause and menopause.

Building the Right Plan to Fight Aging

While the hormone replacement therapy treatment plans offered by Cool Springs MD are extremely effective on their own, the battle against aging can be challenging. To maximum your overall results, it is important to also consider maintaining the proper diet and exercise. When hormone replacement therapy is combined with the right diet – including a number of nutritional supplements – and exercise, the results are restored youth and vitality for women.

Dr. Lodge has skillfully mastered the science of naturally replacing key hormones in order to eliminate the symptoms of pre-menopause and menopause. Hormone replacement therapy for women not only helps women restore their looks to a more youthful appearance, but it also helps them maintain their sex drive and reduces the risk of a number of debilitating illnesses that can result from a hormone imbalance or deficiency.

There are many hormones to account for in the female body, which makes the task of properly evaluating a woman’s needs an important part of the process. There is no simple, universal method of hormone replacement therapy that works for every woman. Dr. Lodge provides a thorough screening for every female patient and using their individual results, builds a program that is tailor-made just for them.

Women face a significant decline in quality of life due to hormone imbalances. As you consider hormone replacement therapy for women, rely on the expertise of Dr. Jeffrey Lodge of Cool Springs MD. As a board-certified physician in obstetrics and gynecology, Dr. Lodge delivers real results to address your hormone imbalances. Contact our office today at 615-283-7291 to schedule your consultation.