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Female Sexual Dysfunction in Brentwood, TN

Sexual dysfunction is most commonly associated with men, but Dr. Jeffrey Lodge, a board-certified physician in obstetrics and gynecology, is meeting more women who are only recently addressing treatment for female sexual dysfunction. Cool Springs MD offers a safe, confidential environment for women in Brentwood, Nashville and surrounding areas in Tennessee to seek safe and effective hormone replacement therapy for female sexual dysfunction.

Female Sexual Dysfunction in Brentwood, TN

What is Female Sexual Dysfunction?

Female sexual dysfunction, FSD, is defined as a continuous problem with sexual response or desire that causes strain on the relationship with your partner.

Many women will experience issues with their sexual functioning during their lives. Female sexual dysfunction can occur at any point in a women’s life. It can be an ongoing problem, or an issue that occasionally occurs.

There is more than one type of female sexual dysfunction. The dysfunction types include:

  • Orgasmic disorder: You have a recurrent inability to achieve orgasm after ongoing stimulation and being sexually aroused.
  • Low sexual desire: You suffer from a lack of sex drive and diminished libido.
  • Sexual pain disorder: You experience pain during vaginal contact and sexual stimulation.
  • Sexual arousal disorder: There is nothing wrong with your desire for sex. However, you are unable to become aroused or maintain arousal during sexual activity.

Sexual response involves the interplay of several factors that include emotions, experiences, physiology, beliefs, lifestyle and relationships. When any of these components are out-of-sync, the disruption can negatively impact a woman’s sex drive, arousal or satisfaction. Fortunately, female sexual dysfunction is a treatable condition.

What Causes Female Sexual Dysfunction?

Female sexual dysfunction may be caused by psychological and physical issues, or both. Some of the emotional issues that can have an effect on sexual function include relationships problems with partner or spouse and a lack of communication and trust. A person’s psychological problems such as depression, guilt, sexual fears or trauma and anxiety can also cause FSD.

Physical factors for FSD include the use of certain drugs (including nicotine, stimulants, alcohol, anti-histamines, anti-hypertensives and certain psychotherapeutic drugs), issues with nerves or blood flow to the genital, diseases (multiple sclerosis, arthritis, diabetic neuropathy), pelvic pain, endocrine disorders (pituitary, thyroid or adrenal gland problems), exhaustion and hormonal deficiencies (low testosterone, androgens or estrogens). People who abuse drugs and alcohol are more likely to experience sexual dysfunction.

What Are The Symptoms Of Female Sexual Dysfunction?

Female sexual dysfunction can happen to a woman at any age. The sexual problems are often the result of a fluctuation in hormones. These fluctuations typically occur after a woman has had a baby, or is going through menopause. Major illnesses, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer can also cause sexual concerns to arise.

If you are currently experiencing any of the following, you may be suffering from female sexual dysfunction.

  • You can’t stay aroused during sexual activity, or don’t become aroused despite wanting to have sex.
  • You can’t achieve an orgasm.
  • Sexual contact is painful.
  • You have little or no desire to have sex.

What are the Medical Treatment Options?

Dr. Lodge, or another member of our staff, will discuss the history of your medical condition and perform a physical exam. In some cases, lab or other tests are ordered. If your sexual issues are the result of a medical or physical issue, your provider will talk to you about the nature of the problem and the various treatment options that are available. Sex therapy and counseling is often a recommendation in situations where the problem is physical.

Here is a list of some of the available therapies:

  • Changes in medication
  • Kegel exercises
  • Drugs
  • Topical estrogen
  • Physical therapy
  • Supplements
  • Hormone balancing or replacement
  • WOW shot

Sexual dysfunction is a difficult subject for many women. Dr. Jeffrey Lodge takes great care in helping you feel comfortable and safe discussing your female sexual dysfunction concerns. Contact our office today at 615-283-7291 to schedule a private and confidential consultation.