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Weight Loss in Fairview, TN

Effective weight loss requires a comprehensive approach that treats the whole person, and Cool Springs MD offers safe and healthy weight management tools for the residents of Fairview, TN, and surrounding areas.

What Is Medical Weight Loss?

Being overweight is more than carrying excess pounds. In order to effectively lose weight, your underlying weight management issues must be treated. This includes reviewing your medical history, physical examination results and lab work to determine a treatment plan that bests fits your needs and lifestyle.

Medical weight loss is different from traditional weight loss centers. Medical weight loss is conducted under the supervision of a medical professional. One of our primary goals at Cool Springs MD is to treat the causes of weight gain as opposed to just the symptoms. This type of weight loss takes a long-term approach to weight management.

Who Is a Candidate for Medical Weight Loss?

You may be considering medical weight loss and wondering if it is the right approach for your situation. Medical weight loss would benefit you if:

  • You are not able to lose weight on your own.
  • You have the ability to follow a weight loss program that has a multi-disciplinary approach.
  • You are willing to make lifestyle adjustments such as altering your eating habits and exercise routines.
  • You have a high body mass index.

Why Select Cool Springs MD for Weight Loss?

There are several weight management centers in the Fairview, TN area. However, we are one of the most effective centers. Dr. Jeffrey Lodge is a board certified physician who specializes in weight loss systems that provide long-term solutions for our patients.

Under Dr. Lodge’s guidance, you will participate in a plan that is designed to meet your unique needs. Weight loss management at Cool Springs MD includes plans for nutrition, exercise, supplements, and injections. In addition, there is a counseling component.

At Cool Springs MD, we are with you on your weight loss journey every step of the way. Our desire is to help you safely lose the weight and live a satisfying life.

To learn more about our services at Cool Springs MD, contact us today for a free weight management consultation.