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Hormone Replacement Therapy in Murfreesboro, TN

Hormone replacement therapy has improved the lives of men and women, and Cool Springs MD offers healthy and effective hormone replacement therapy for clients who reside in the Murfreesboro, TN area.

What Is Hormone Replacement Therapy?

As men and women age, the natural process for hormones is to decrease in levels. This decrease in hormone production causes patients to experience symptoms that interfere with their lives.

Hormone replacement therapy replaces hormones that are no longer produced as a result of the aging process. Patients who have hormone replacement therapy enjoy having fewer symptoms of aging.

What Are the Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Hormone replacement therapy can safely enhance the health of patients. Patients who participate in a hormone replacement program often report improvements in conditions of their health, including:

  • Increased libido.
  • Relief from hot flashes and night sweats.
  • Improved mood.
  • Lower levels of body fat.
  • Increased energy.
  • A Greater sense of well-being.

Many patients have reported that they feel as if their lives are back to normal. Hormone replacement therapy can give you a renewed sense of health.

Who Is a Strong Candidate for Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Men and women who experience symptoms associated with a decrease in hormones are good candidates for hormone replacement therapy. If you are not feeling well due to decreased hormones, Cool Springs MD can give you an assessment to find out if this therapy is right for you.

Why Choose Cool Springs MD for Hormone Replacement Therapy?

At Cool Springs MD, we create custom hormone replacement therapy treatment plans for every patient. Dr. Jeffrey Lodge is a board-certified physician with years of experience treating patients effectively through individual medical assessments and bio-identical hormones that function like natural hormones.

If you are need relief from the symptoms associated with hormone level decrease once and for all, contact Cool Springs MD for a personal consultation. Let us help you regain your health and your life!