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Hormone Replacement Therapy in Franklin, TN

Hormone replacement therapy has enhanced the lifestyles of men and women, and Cool Springs MD offers safe and effective hormone replacement therapy for the residents of Franklin, TN and nearby towns.

What Is Hormone Replacement Therapy?

As the body ages, it often reduces or stops the production of important hormones, such as estrogen and progesterone, causing a range of symptoms that cause the body to lose its vitality. Hormone replacement therapy uses natural hormone treatments to replenish the body so you can live an active and fulfilling life no matter your age.

Symptoms resulting from a decreased level of hormones include moodiness, vaginal dryness, anxiety, depression and loss of muscle mass. Although sometimes debilitating, these symptoms often can be relieved by hormone replacement therapy.

What Are the Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Rather than treating the symptoms that keep you from the lifestyle you love, hormone replacement therapy treats the underlying cause. When you start receiving hormone treatments, you will soon notice important improvements, such as increased strength, reduced body fat, and improved libido. Many hormone-replacement therapy regimens also decrease the risk of heart disease.

Who Is a Strong Candidate for Hormone Replacement Therapy?

If you experience any symptoms related to a reduced level of hormones in the body, you should visit us at CoolSprings MD. We screen all candidates to make sure they can benefit from hormone therapy. The screening process usually involves a review of your medical history and an evaluation of your symptoms.

Why Choose Cool Springs MD for Hormone Replacement Therapy?

At CoolSprings MD, we use plant-based bio-identical hormone treatments that function almost identically to the hormones naturally produced by your body. We have a well-trained, experienced staff, led by a board-certified physician, Dr. Jeffrey Lodge that will guide you through every step of the way.

If you are interested in hormone replacement therapy in Franklin, TN, and surrounding areas, contact us today for your personalized consultation. We look forward to helping you get the most out of life.